Virtual Musical Advent Calendar


This year I decided to go back and update, rewrite, and republish my Virtual Musical Advent Calendar, which will run from December 1st through St. Stephens Day, December 26th. Each day will feature a different holiday song or songs, as well as the stories behind how they came to be.

If you’d like a more complete description of theĀ Virtual Musical Advent Calendar, you can find in the the introductory post here.

The original Virtual Musical Advent Calendar was published a decade ago at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen (now Ordinary Times.) I very much doubt anyone other than me remembers it. If I’m wrong, however, and you do in fact remember it from way back when, know that this version differs significantly from the original. In some cases I’ve ditched some music in exchange for different pieces. Some that I’ve kept, such as Baby It’s Cold Outside, really needed to be updated because the way they are perceived by the public changes greatly with each passing year. And some I’ve just rewritten because, frankly, the original versions were jotted down in a rush and terribly written.

You can find all of the entries (thus far) listed here.