A Heretic’s Pilgrimage: My Journey to the 2012 Values Voter Summit

The question I find myself asking more and more these days is this: Can the GOP moderates keep the party from completely succumbing to its far-right Christian base?  And if not — if the men and women at the Values Voter Summit will indeed drive the Republican Party for the next decade or two –- what will that party look like?  I have come to see for myself.

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The Henchman’s Diary

First off, let me just say the costume was a huge disappointment. I’ve seen bats at Gotham Zoo, and this guy looked nothing – nothing! – like a bat.  He looked more like a weird S&M character, which makes you wonder exactly what kind of people the city is being run by if they’re working with a guy dressed like this. A pretty sad commentary, really. Totally unprofessional.

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Broken Elephants, Part II: Ben Carson, Frank Gaffney, and The Way to Make Your Mark in Today’s GOP

This raises something of a puzzle. It’s easy to understand why a cable television network or a radio station would choose ratings over a Republican in the Oval Office. It’s quite a bit less obvious why an actual candidate for that same office would choose such a path. This is only puzzling, however, if you assume that the reason all of the GOP candidates are running is that they actually wish to be President. Continue reading “Broken Elephants, Part II: Ben Carson, Frank Gaffney, and The Way to Make Your Mark in Today’s GOP”

Oregon’s Church for Sex Offenders

Indeed, these people are about as ordinary a slice of traditional Americana as one can hope to stumble across in 2015: a small, All-American community of All-American neighbors getting together to share All-American food, sing the praises of Jesus, and share the weight of the various challenges that face today’s modern American registered sex offender.

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Would You Pay $100 for a Hug?

Staring at the stenciled moon and stars mural on the wall I sense the weight of Hess on the bed as she lies down beside me before I feel a strange leg drape over mine and fingertips lightly caress my back. And I find that I am asking myself the same question that I imagine every client of a professional cuddler asks themselves when they first find themselves in bed being lovingly embraced by a fully dressed stranger: How the hell did I get myself into this?

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America Indentured, Part I

In fact, to one degree or another, the United States or its citizens have been involved in some form of this type of indentured servitude on a pretty regular basis for at least the past several decades… They are allowed to continue for surprisingly long periods of time, and rarely are they done underground or hidden by conspiracy. Indeed, they are likely to be well-known to legislators, government regulators, and bureaucrats alike, and also part of the public record. When they are eventually stopped — if they are eventually stopped — there is little if any punishment doled out to the perpetrators.

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