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In many ways, I’m an old-school writer.

I believe that any good story should deliver to its readers empathy, not polemics. I think that regardless of how clever a writer might be, there is only so much depth one can plumb with 140 characters. And I have yet to read any in-depth, quality article where I find myself saying, “Boy, I wish they would have forgone all that research, interviewing, and fact-checking, and been first to publish.”

Then again, I’m not that old school.

I necessarily report the Who, Whats, Wheres, and Whys of my topics, but only in the context of larger stories that touch readers on a visceral as well as intellectual level. So while I rely on objective facts to guide my pieces, I also very much write with my heart tightly sewn to my sleeve.


I am most often commissioned to write about those who live their lives very much outside of the mainstream. You can find a sampling of these writings here.

Because I write on the Internet, I have also done my share of the whole political/social commentary thang. You can get a taste of those pieces here.

I sometimes dive headfirst into my own life. You can find some examples of my doing so here.

I am frequently tapped to do live readings of my work. Feel free to sample some of my live aural works here.

And finally, every now and then, I decide to write something that is absolutely, totally, 100% made up and in no way true. Read me channelling my inner-Lying McLiarpants here.