Virtual Musical Advent Calendar, December 14: Blue Christmas


Tomorrow’s post is very long, so for today we have a very short post on Blue Christmas.

Not many people know today, but Blue Christmas started out as a Country and Western hit sung by Ernest Tubbs in 1949 (though Doyle O’Dell had recorded the number first a year prior).  In fact, it was the biggest Country & Western seller of 1950.  It became a Roll & Roll classic when Elvis sang it, of course.

Over the years the song has been primarily adopted by the Rock-Pop crowd.

Springsteen’s version is heavy on the R&B, and his arrangements sound like they were written for Otis Redding:

And Bright Eyes has done a passable purposefully indie sounding version:

Perhaps the most creative cover is Miles Davis’s complete reimagining of the song’s minor chord progressions into a song with a different message (and feel) entirely:

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